Yesterday, I travelled to Lagos for a mini vacation. Oh!, how I love Lagos. But I’m not here today to tell you about my love for Lagos but to share with you some lessons I learnt in our family devotion last night. We read some verses from 1 Samuel 25 but I’ll give a summary of the story from verse 2-42. You can read 1 Samuel 25:2-44 later to get the details of the story.

Nabal was a very rich man, but he was mean and cruel. His wife Abigail was wise and beautiful. Some versions of the Bible say she was beautiful and intelligent.

One day, while Nabal was cutting wool from his sheep, David sent some servants to deliver a message to him. But Nabal treated David’s servants harshly and refused to give them anything despite the fact that he was very rich.

When David’s servants returned and reported the message to David, he summoned his men and set out to destroy Nabal and his family.

One of Nabal’s servants told Abigail what had happened and told her to think of something to do.

She carried gifts and went to plead on behalf of her husband. She took the blame for her husband’s attitude and begged for the king’s forgiveness. Her wisdom prevented David from destroying her husband and his family. Nabal was finally struck dead by God. After his death, David sent a marriage proposal to Abigail and she became his wife.

It was Abigail’s wisdom that attracted David to her such that when her husband died, he didn’t waste time in making her his wife.

Every woman has a ministry. According to Merriam Webster Dictionary1, a ministry is a person or thing through which something is accomplished.

Every woman has something to accomplish both as a single woman and as a married woman. It is only a woman that is wise that will succeed in her ministry.

After the decision to follow Christ, the next most important decision in a man’s life is his choice of a wife. A woman is very powerful. She can either build or destroy a man’s life she can either bring value or take from him.

Sometimes men act irrationally but when he has a good wife, she’ll help cover up for his lapses, weaknesses and mistakes.

Abigail applied her wisdom to save her husband’s life and also through her wisdom attracted the king to marry her after the death of her husband.

For the ladies, what kind of woman are you? Are you intelligent and wise? If you’re single, what value will you add to a man’s life when you get married? And for those that are married, what value are you adding to your husband? What kind of counsel do you give him? How do you handle issues when your husband acts improperly?

Abigail did not nag her husband or pick up a fight with him because of what he did to the king. Instead, she got up and went to fight for him rather than fight with him. If you’re single, are you ready to fight for your future husband. If you’re married, have you been fighting for your husband?

Abigail waited until her husband was in a good mood before telling him of what transpired between her and the king. As a married woman, do you know when to tell your husband things that have happened? As a single lady, do you know that you need to study your husband’s mood when you have issues to discuss with him or tell him?

Abigail took the blame for her husband’s actions. Sometimes, you will have to take the blame for your husband to protect, defend and save him and your marriage/family. Are you willing to do that?

Abigail knew that she had to act quickly in order to save her husband’s life. She first of all went to intercede for him. Sometimes when an accusation is made against your husband, going to intercede for him first before confronting him is the best thing to do.

Abigail didn’t tell her husband what she was doing until she had succeeded. Sometimes, wisdom requires that you act in silence first. Perhaps if she had told her husband what she wanted to do, he would have stopped her.

Abigail was humble before the king and chose her words wisely. As a woman you must be humble at all times and you must know when to be silent, when to talk and what to say. You must choose your words wisely. You should also be conscious of the tone of your voice. Using a harsh tone can give a wrong impression to the person you’re talking to even if that wasn’t your intention.

If you’re single, it is your wisdom that will attract a good man and it is your wisdom that will keep him committed to you. It is your wisdom that will strengthen your marriage and build a blissful marriage and home.

If you’re married, it is your wisdom that will protect your marriage. It is your wisdom that will strengthen your marriage and build a blissful marriage and home.

You need wisdom to run your marriage and home. Without it, your marriage and home can be easily broken.

For the single men, does the lady you’re interested in getting married to have wisdom? Does she know how to handle problems and situations even in your absence and without your assistance? (Notice that Abigail single handed handled the whole situation. Her husband wasn’t involved). This is the best time to make the right choice. Remember that marriage is “till death do us part”. Don’t just look for a beautiful lady. Look for a woman that is both beautiful and intelligent, a woman that is wise.

Dear single and married women, are you wise, are you intelligent?



1 merriam-webster.com/dictionary/ministry



One thought on “EVERY WOMAN HAS A MINISTRY (1)

  1. Uduak, may God lead us to people that would add value in our lives, after they had added value to theirs. It is what we see that attract or dispel us from people.


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