They said February is a month of love. Yes, “They said,” because I believe every month is a month of love. But since so many people celebrate this month as the month of love and particularly 14th February as Valentine’s day, many singles tend to feel lonely and depressed in this month and people are prone to make a lot of mistakes in the name of ‘love’ and out of desperation, loneliness, boredom and depression.

For the singles, this period of singleness is the right time to start praying and preparing for your future spouse and marriage. You should not wait till you are in a relationship or married. Start now. In as much as being in a relationship or being married is a thrilling and exciting experience; it is not always a bed of roses. There will be good and bad times, there will be challenges and you need to be equipped and fully prepared even before marriage to be able to overcome those challenges.

For those that are already in a relationship or married, there is still a journey ahead of you and you need to keep on working on yourself to be properly equipped for the journey ahead.

And so, in this ‘month of love’, I’ll be bringing to you a lot of relationship and marriage lessons I’ve learnt from marriages in the Bible. I’ll also be sharing any other additional lessons I’ve learnt from my personal experience and the experiences of others. I hope that you’ll be inspired by them whether you are single, in a relationship, engaged or married.

I started a series on “Every Woman Has a Ministry” in my previous post and in my next post, I’ll continue with that topic. For each post, I’ll try as much as possible to relate it to both the males and females. That is to say that even with the topic “Every Woman Has a Ministry”, there are also lessons for the men. I encourage you to follow up each post, read it carefully and apply it to your life accordingly. Don’t also hesitate to comment your views and opinions and ask whatever questions you have. Also share the posts with your friends and family. You might save someone from making a mistake in their relationship and marriage.

Having said all these, let’s now continue to my next post.



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