In this post, I’ll be sharing some lessons on how to succeed in your ministry as a wife from the story of David and Michal as recorded in 1 Samuel 19:11-17. I’ll start narrating the Biblical story from 1 Samuel 18 so that you can understand better the relationship David and Michal had as a married couple.

In 1 Samuel 18, Saul told David that he will give him his older daughter Merab as his wife on a condition. Saul was looking for a way to kill David so he gave him a condition that will put his life at risk. David met the condition but when the time came for Merab to be given to David, she was given to another man instead.

However, Michal, Saul’s younger daughter fell in love with David. When Saul heard of it, he was pleased and planned to give Michal to David as his wife in order to use her to trap him and make the Philistines to kill him. So for the second time, Saul sent a message to David privately telling him of his intentions to give Michal to him as his wife. Saul gave David yet another condition that put his life at risk and David accepted the challenge. Saul was hoping that he will die while trying to meet the condition. However, David met the condition and so Saul gave his younger daughter Michal to David as his wife.

After David had married Michal, Saul realized and saw that his daughter Michal loved David, and this is where I will begin to draw my lessons from. Michal loved her husband and it was obvious for others to see. As a married woman, is your love for your husband obvious? As a single woman, are you ready to love your husband in such a way that others will see and testify of it?

Saul continued to make plans to kill David. One night, Saul sent some men to watch David’s house and kill him the next morning. David’s wife Michal warned him that if he didn’t get away that night, he will be dead the next day. She didn’t only warn him but went an extra mile to help him escape. She let him down from a window and he ran away and escaped. Then she looked for a way to make it look as if David was lying on the bed. When Saul’s men came to get David, Michal told them that he was ill. But Saul sent them back to see David for themselves and ordered them to carry him in his bed to Saul so that Saul could kill him.

They went inside and found the items that Michal had used to cover up as David on the bed. Saul then realized that his daughter had tricked him. He asked her why she tricked him and let his enemy escape. She replied him telling him that David said he would kill her if she didn’t help him to escape.

Michal stood by her husband even when her father was trying to kill him. Her father’s initial plan was to use her to trap and get David killed but because of her love for David, she went against her father’s plans. When she got to know of her father’s plans to kill her husband, she informed her husband and advised him on what to do. She also went an extra mile to help him escape. She also played a trick on her father in order to protect her husband. In as much as I don’t admire the fact that she lied, I admire her wisdom in knowing the right advice to give to her husband, the right steps to take to help her husband to escape and the right tricks to play on her father in order to protect her husband.

What are the lessons to learn from this story?

For the women;

Lesson 1: Marry a man that you love and love your husband in such a way that is obvious to him and to others.

Lesson 2: Michal loved her husband more than her father and she put her husband above her father. As a wife, you should love your husband more than anyone else except God. Your husband deserves the next place in your life after God.

As a married woman, do you love your husband more than anyone else except God? Is your husband a priority in your life?

As a single lady, are you willing and ready to love your future husband more than your father, brothers, ex (es), children and anyone else except God? Are you willing to put him above everyone else except God?

This doesn’t mean that you should no longer love your father neither does it mean that you should abandon or neglect him, but when it comes to setting priorities in your life, your first priority should be God and then your husband before anyone else and this should be shown by both your words and actions.

Please note that God must come first before your husband. You must love God more than your husband and more than anyone else. God must always have the first place in your life whether you’re single or married.

Lesson 3: Be loyal to your husband. Stand by his side no matter the circumstances that he is in. When he is danger or threatened with death, stand by him. Stand by him when he is ill or depressed. When he loses his job, a loved one or encounters any loss, stand by him. Learn to give your husband unending support in both good and bad times.

Lesson 4: Protect and defend your husband. Naturally, a husband is the protector and defender of his wife. But there are times when you have to switch roles. There are times where you have to protect, defend and fight for your husband.

Lesson 5: Be wise. You need to be intelligent and wise to know the right advice and counsel to give to your husband. You need wisdom to know what actions and steps to take in any particular situation. You need wisdom to know when you need to rise up and fight for your husband. You need wisdom to know how to protect and defend your husband. You need wisdom to be a successful wife and to build a blissful marriage and home.

For the men;

Lesson 1: Marry a woman that loves you and is ready to go to any extent to prove her love for you.

Lesson 2: Marry a woman who will be loyal to you. A woman who will stand by you no matter the circumstances you’re in.

Lesson 3: Marry an intelligent and wise woman; a woman that gives you godly and wise advice and counsel; a woman that knows when and how to protect, defend and fight for you.



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