With sorrow in my heart and with gratitude to God for a wonderful mini vacation in Lagos, I’ve said good bye to Lagos for now and returned to my ‘real home’ (because I have so many homes across the country). It was one of the most amazing 10 days for me this year, and I’ve returned back to work refreshed.

Apart from the wonderful city of Lagos, my amazing family that I stayed with there and the people I met there, I learnt a lot of lessons from my personal quiet time, family devotions, church services at Lagos Presbyterian Church, Yaba and my daily activities while there. I’ve already shared some of those lessons earlier in my blog but I have many more stories and lessons to share.

It’ll take quite some time before I finish sharing everything so I’ll just take my time. I’m not drawing up any plan or schedule of what I’m going to be sharing. That is to say that I’ll also be sharing other things that I’m inspired to share outside my experience in Lagos. But I do hope that I can focus on ‘the Lagos series’ first.

All the same, please stay tuned to my blog as I share with you so many wonderful stories, personal experiences and the lessons I learnt from them.

Good bye Lagos and thank you for a wonderful stay. Let’s do it again sometime soon


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