One of the goals I set on my birthday 3 weeks ago that I desire to achieve this new year of my life is to read more books, and by that I mean read more Christian and non-academic books and materials.

Few weeks ago, I took time to fish out some eBooks I had previously downloaded and I found 3.

  1. Preparing for Marriage by John Piper
  2. Chastity for Men by Frances Okoro
  3. Marriage Hacks – 25 practical ways to make love last written by many authors including Gary Chapman, author of 5 love languages.

On 15th February, I decided to start reading “Preparing for Marriage” and I completed it the same day which is a great start for me in achieving my reading goals. Today, I started reading “Chastity for Men”.

I’ll be introducing a new feature to my blog soon- book review. Once in a while, I’ll be doing book reviews of the books I’ve read in order to share with you what I learnt and so that you all can keep me accountable.

I’ll need some time to write a review on the book I read so the review will come much later.

Yesterday, 19th February, I downloaded a new eBook, “Life in the Spirit – Love and Relationships”. (Life in the Spirit is a product of Charisma Media ©2016). I downloaded it for free at and they have more books such as:

40 Days with the Holy Spirit by R.T. Kendall

Amplified Leadership by John C. Maxwell

Mornings with the Holy Spirit by Jennifer LeClaire

And many more books but these books aren’t free (except for the one I downloaded). You can check out their books and other resources via this link:

I’m still searching for the links to the other eBooks I downloaded. When I find them, I’ll share them with you so that you can download the books and read it. However, I’ll be glad to send the books to your email for free. If you’re interested in any of the 4 eBooks I downloaded, please feel free to contact me.

If you have any Christian or inspirational book you feel would be useful to me and would like to share it with me or know a link where I can download it, please feel free to also contact me. I’ll appreciate it greatly.

Lastly, if you would like to do a book review on my blog, please don’t hesitate to contact me. I’m willing to feature book reviews written by others on my blog.




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