I try my best not to write so much about relationships, marriage, love and sex but as long as I keep reading or hearing misconceptions about these topics, I will continue to write about them.

Yesterday, I came across an article on a religious organisation’s Facebook page and I’ve tried not to write about what I read there but I can’t, so I’ll just spill it out.

It was a long article but I’ll go straight to quote just a few sentences that struck me.

It read, “Jacob claimed that he made love to a wrong woman when he discovered in the morning that it was Leah instead of Rachel (Genesis 28:25). Pray for men because they don’t know anything, if the know something they will not leave their beautiful wife to sleep with the house girl. Men have problem with sex, women are meant to help men. If you are a woman know that you are a missionary to help a helpless man. If you are preparing for marriage know that you are preparing to go and help a helpless man. Can you imagine Jacob slept with a woman he did not know? For this reason the Scripture says, “it is not good for a man who does not know anything to be alone.”

Here are my views on the above quoted message:

  1. No Scripture in the Bible says, “it is not good for a man who does not know anything to be alone.” The Scripture says in Genesis 2:18, “It is not good for the man to be alone.”
  2. Adam was not a man who did not know anything; he was not a helpless man. Adam was alone and God saw that it was not good, so He decided to make a suitable companion to help him. The major reason God created Eve was because the animals were not a suitable companion for Adam and not because Adam was helpless.
  3. The woman was not created to be a missionary to help a helpless man. God created Eve as an helpmeet, but this does not mean that Adam was helpless. Adam was not helpless and Eve was not created to help a helpless man. Eve was created to be a suitable and helpful companion to Adam.
  4. It is a misconception to say that men don’t know anything or that men have a problem with sex and are helpless. I usually say that all men get tempted sexually but not all men give in. There are men that no matter the circumstances they find themselves in will never give in to the temptation to commit sexual immorality.

Not all men are helpless, not all men have a problem with sex. There are men who can control their sexual urges and desires.

  1. No amount of sex can keep any man. There are women whose husbands and boyfriends cheated on them or left them even though they used to have sex with them regularly and in different styles and positions.

A person that has no self-control and has problems with sex should remain single until they have self-control. Being in a relationship or getting married will not solve anyone’s problem with sex.

If you choose to get married to a person who can’t control their sexual urges, prepare yourself to live with that person and their lack of self-control for the rest of your life. Marriage is not a guarantee that they will change.

If you have problems controlling your sexual urges, please remain single until you have self-control.

  1. It is only God that can help a man or woman that has problems controlling their sexual urges. The presence of the Holy Spirit in a person produces self-control. It is only the Holy Spirit that can help any man or woman to control their sexual urges and run from sexual immorality.
  2. Marriage is not meant for helpless men, men who don’t know anything or have problems with sex. Such a man doesn’t even have a business being in a relationship.
  3. Dear single ladies, I don’t know about you but I know for sure that I am worth more than getting married to a man who doesn’t know anything, a man who is helpless and has a problem with sex. I deserve someone better than that, and I will never settle for less.

In conclusion, please search, examine and study the Scriptures to make sure that what you read or hear is really true.



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