Being single is not a curse and marriage is not the ticket to heaven. The ticket to heaven is salvation which we receive by grace through faith and obedience to God – doing what God was us to do (John 3:3; Matthew 7:21).

Whether single or married, you can still be all that God has called you to be, do all that He has called you to do and fulfil His purpose; you can still live happily and above all you can still enter the kingdom of heaven.

Always be cheerful no matter what, live happily, be content in whatever state you are in; and continually do what God requires of you [which is to receive salvation, have faith in Him, live a holy life, obey Him faithfully and do what He wants us to do].

Always remember that marriage is and will never be the ticket to heaven and marriage is not a measurement of one’s level of success and achievement in life.



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