I turned 22 on 1st February, and on my birthday, I started writing down some goals I plan to achieve in this my new age. I’m sharing this so that you can keep me accountable and I believe one or more of my goals could inspire you too. So here I go.

  1. I want to be consistent in my quiet time and be faithful in fulfilling all my promises to God.

2. I want to read more: Sometimes I get so engulfed in my writings that I don’t create time to read. So in this new age, I want to read more Christian literature, more books, more articles and more blog posts. I started my journey towards achieving this goal last month and so far, I’ve read 1 book and still on the 2nd book.

3. Write More: I’ve a lot of uncompleted unpublished works because of laziness, procrastination and lack of proper time management. And so, I hope to become more focused on my writings, work smart and work hard as well.

4. Smile More often and Be Cheerful Always:

“Always look happy and cheerful.” Ecclesiastes 9:8 (GNB)

“Be cheerful no matter what.” 1 Thessalonians 5:16 (MSG)

I want to give up that stern look on my face for a cheerful disposition. I know I have a lovely smile (especially with my gap tooth), so I want to start wearing my smile more often. Perhaps, my smile might become infectious, causing those who look at me and those around me to smile instantly.

5. Interact more with people especially in person: In my next article in particular and in subsequent articles, you’ll know what motivated me to set this goal.

6. Eat Healthy Food more often and in Large Quantities: I love junk food more than cooked meals. This year I’m taking up the challenge to eat more healthy food in large quantities and eat less junk. I’m also taking up the challenge to drink more water and less sweetened drinks. I must get my chubby cheeks back and add some flesh before my next birthday.

7. Sleep more: I’ve realized that I don’t get enough sleep and this is affecting my health and mental performance. I love to sleep in the day time but I’m usually busy with my formal job in the day and at night is when I love to do my quiet time, write and catch up with things happening on social media. Most times, I sleep later than 12 am and if you’re awake between 12 am and 4 am, you’ll most likely find me awake. It’s my goal to start sleeping more particularly at night.

8. Pay more Attention to My Dressing No Matter How Insignificant the Occasion is: I used to be this carefree type of person when it comes to my dressing- my clothes, hair and shoe, especially when there is no significant event happening. I cared less about my appearance – whether I was shabbily dressed and looking unkempt or not.

But after studying the Scriptures, I’ve realized that being a Christian does not mean I should walk about shabbily dressed and looking unkempt.

Ecclesiastes 9:8 says;

“Dress up, comb your hair, and look your best.” (CEV)

“Wear nice clothes and make yourself look good.” (ERV)

“Wear fine clothes, with a splash of cologne!” (NLT)

Ecclesiastes 9:8 summarizes this goal. By this, I don’t mean I will start wearing expensive clothes and making fancy hairstyles. I mean ensuring that my hair is properly combed and styled and not looking unkempt; ensuring that I look modest and presentable in decent clothes and not in shabby clothes; and ensuring that I look my best no matter how insignificant the event or place is that I will go to.

And before the religious critics come for me, I know what 1 Peter 3:3-4 says. I’m not doing these to make myself beautiful because I know I am beautiful even without them. I’m doing these to make myself look good and presentable. Yes, I’m a Christian, but that doesn’t mean I should be looking untidy, unkempt and shabby.

9. Spend less Time on Social Media: I do a lot of useful things with my social media. For instance, on Instagram, I’m following a lot of writers and other people who inspire me daily with their post and stories. On Facebook too, I get to read a lot of inspirational and educational articles. Social media is also a very useful tool to me as a writer. But I’ve also noticed that social media takes a lot of my time and interferes with more important daily activities.

In as much as social media is useful to me in many ways, too much of it will hinder my growth and progress. And so, I desire to spend less time on social media especially scrolling through Instagram (Instagram contains a lot of pictures most of which add no value to my life).

10. Be Consistent with my Journal of Thanks: In one of my blog posts this month, I’ll discuss in details what Journal of Thanks is all about. But in summary, it is jotter/notebook where I write down things I’m grateful to God for on a daily basis. I’ve been very inconsistent with this practice and I want to become consistent. In previous years, I’ve been using a hardcopy jotter/notebook but my hard copy books are becoming too much so I think I might begin a soft copy Journal of Thanks. It’ll also be easier for me to save it and have a backup for future purposes.

11. Take myself out more often: Too bad I’m not in Uyo, Par Creams was my favourite spot. All the same, I’m going to be taking myself out more often. You’re free to join me if you want to but come with your money.

12. Respond instantly to calls and messages: I’m very bad at answering calls or responding to messages instantly. I’m better at responding to messages but suck at answering calls. You see, I hate the sound of my phone ringing and I don’t like talking either so I rarely call people neither do I answer my calls quickly.

But in this my new age, I want to start calling people to check up on them and also respond to calls and messages instantly.

13. Travel more: Travelling is one of my hobbies and I’ve already started creating an itinerary in my mind. I hope it all works out as planned.

14. Go on adventures, fun outings and explore new places and things: I’m an introvert and sometimes I prefer being indoors. But I also love fun outings, going on adventures and exploring new places.

15. Stop Drug Abuse: I hate taking drugs and most times I don’t take my medications according to the prescription given. Although I hate taking drugs, sometimes I find myself doing self-medication. And so, it’s my goal to stop self-medication and take drugs according to the prescription given.

Do you have goals that you plan to achieve this year? How far have you gone in achieving them? If you haven’t set any goal yet, it is not too late to set them as the year isn’t far spent yet.

P.S. These are not all my goals for my new age but these are the ones I wish to share hoping that it will inspire you in one way or another.


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