On 10th March, 2017, I went to the market to get some food items after work. One of the roads leading to the market I went to is under construction and on my way back, I noticed something weird about the road under construction. I’ve passed by that road many times but never really noticed this abnormality until that day. I noticed that one side of the road was higher than the other side of the road. The side that is lower is the side where vehicles drive on while the road that is higher is still under construction. I thought to myself, “Why is one side of the road higher than the other?” It looks weird as roads are meant to be the same level except in the case of a bridge. It looks weird for a road with two lanes to be at different levels.

While I was still wondering what kind of road they are constructing where one side is higher than the other, I unconsciously said to myself, “They know what they are doing.” It’s their job and although it looks weird and out of order, they know what they are doing.

This reminded me of Jeremiah 29:11, “I know what I’m doing. I have it all planned out – plans to take care of you and not abandon you. Plans to give you a future that you hope for.” (MSG)

Many times, our life seems out of control; it seems like our life has been turned upside down and nothing makes sense. We don’t understand what is happening and why it is happening. But God is saying, “I know what I’m doing. I’ve it all planned out…”

God is like those road construction workers and engineers. He is our Creator. He formed us and gave us life. And sometimes, He passes us through seasons to remould and reshape us. It may look like what God is doing in our lives does not make sense but God wants us to trust Him because He knows what He is doing, He has it all planned out.

I may not be in town when that road is completed but because I trust that those workers know what they are doing, I’m not disturbed. I trust that although the road looks out of order now, with time, it’ll turn out to be an amazing site.

That’s the same thing that happens in our lives. God wants you to trust Him with your life such that you are not disturbed or uneasy about what is going on in your life. He wants you to “sleep” the way Adam slept when He was forming Eve. Adam may not have been aware that God was forming a suitable companion to help him; he did not how God was forming Eve. It was only when God had finished that Adam saw what God had done while he was sleeping. And Adam loved God’s handwork. He was asleep when God formed Eve yet when he woke up and saw her, he knew that she was taken out of him.

You don’t have to know what God is doing in and with you. You don’t need to understand what is happening and why. You don’t need to understand the process. You don’t need to know what the end will look like or what the outcome will be. And perhaps you’ve received a promise from God about your life and your future and it seems like there is no hope for that promise to be fulfilled or the promise doesn’t make sense or you’re wondering how and when you will receive a tangible fulfilment of God’s promises; God wants you to trust Him and go to “sleep”. When God wants you to be involved, He will wake you up just as He woke Adam to name Eve. He will let you know what He wants you to do, when He wants you to do it and how He wants you to do it.

Submit your life to God, trust Him and go to “sleep”. And when God calls you to act, obey Him. Yes, even when what He is telling you to do doesn’t make sense, trust and obey Him for He knows what He is doing and He has it all planned out – His plans are for your good, to take care of you not to abandon you or bring you disaster.


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