Exodus 4:2 says, “Then the Lord asked him, ‘What is that in your hand?’ ‘A shepherd’s staff,’ Moses replied.” (NLT)

Moses was a shepherd when God called him through a burning bush. The staff in his hand was a shepherd staff which he used to lead his sheep.

God was using the years that Moses led the sheep as a season preparing him to lead the Israelites.

And so, from leading sheep, Moses became a leader of a whole nation.

His shepherd staff was used to perform many miracles and show the power of God. The staff was turned into a snake (Exodus 4). That same staff was used to part the red Sea and close it up again (Exodus 4). And that rod was used to strike a rock and bring forth water in the wilderness (Exodus 17:5-6).

Who would have believed that a shepherd staff could be used to save a nation and provide for them?

Looking at David, he was a musician. What did he have in his hand? A harp.

It was that harp and musical skill that brought him before King Saul (1 Samuel 16).

He was also a shepherd. What did he have in his hand? A shepherd staff, a sling and stones which he used to defeat Goliath.

Prior to when he went to fight Goliath, he had been in the bush, tending his father’s sheep. While there, he had killed a lion and a bear that tried to attack the sheep.

That season was preparing him to face Goliath and to face many more battles. That season was also preparing him to be a leader. As he led the sheep, fought for them and protected them, that was the same thing he was to do as a king.

And so, David and Moses had to go through a lowly season in preparation for a great future ahead.

And they used what was in their hands through the Spirit and power of God to achieve great success.

Also look at Joseph. He had the ability to interpret dreams. While in the prison, he didn’t hide his gift but used it to provide solution to the chief baker and wine servant.

It was his gift of interpreting dreams; his gift of giving wise counsel and the Spirit of God in him that brought him out of the prison before the King of Egypt who made him a governor over all Israel.

What was in his hand? The gift of interpreting dreams and the gift of giving wise advice and counsel.

And now, I ask you, what is that in your hand?

What is that talent and gift that God has given you? What is that skill that you’ve acquired? What is that idea in your mind?

You may feel that you don’t want to use it now because you’re not getting a reward for it.

Look at Joseph, if he refused to interpret those dreams in prison because the prisoners had nothing to offer him, would he have been made the governor?

You may feel no one is noticing your talent, and so you stop using it. Look at David, it was people that recommended him to play the harp for Saul in 1 Samuel 16.

What is that in your hand?

It may be a talent, skill, gift or even an idea. Discover what it is, and use it where you are. Don’t wait until people start noticing it or until when people start paying you for it. Use it now. You don’t know who is noticing it. You may not get a reward today but you never know who your gift will help and that person may connect you to great men in future.

Discover what is in your hand and use it in your small circle, in your corner, right where you are. God may be preparing you to use that talent, gift or skill in a larger circle.

You mustn’t have many talents or skills. Just one talent, one gift, one idea, one skill can open up great doors of opportunities for you.

Lastly and most important, you need the Spirit of God in you. Without God, Moses staff was only a lifeless stick; Joseph was just a mere prisoner and David was just a mere shepherd. But through the Spirit of God, Moses staff did great miracles, Joseph’s gifts made him a governor in a foreign land and David became a great king and warrior.

And so, without God, your talents, gifts, skills and ideas are lifeless. But with God’s Spirit in you, they can achieve extraordinary things.

In summary;

  1. Discover your talent, gifts and skills that you are good at.
  2. Practice it, use it right where you are. Stop waiting for the “perfect” time or “perfect” place. Where you are right now is where God wants you to be for now. Keep using it even if you’re not getting any profit from it.
  3. Have a relationship with God and be filled with the Spirit of God.
  4. Trust God to use your talents, gifts, skills and ideas to open up doors for you

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