1. Get help. Don’t think you can achieve everything by yourself.

My story is just like that of Moses in Exodus 18.

Moses was settling disputes among the people of Israel, and he was kept busy from morning till night. When Jethro, his father in-law saw everything that Moses had to do, he asked him why he had to do all that.

In verse 15, Moses replied, “I must do this because the people come to me to learn God’s will. When two people have a dispute, they come to me, and I decide which one of them is right, and I tell them God’s commands and laws.” (GNB).

So you see, Moses had a valid reason for working hard. He was teaching people God’s will and God’s commands and laws.

But Jethro told him he was not doing it the right way and that he will wear himself out and the people as well. He told Moses that the work is too much for him to do alone. Jethro offered him some advice telling him that it is right for him to represent the Israelites before God, but in addition to teaching the people God’s commands and how they should live, he should choose some capable men and appoint them as leaders of the people.

Jethro told him that the men must be God-fearing and can be trusted and who cannot be bribed. These leaders were to serve as judges for the people on a permanent basis. They could bring all the difficult cases to Moses while they themselves decide all the smaller disputes. This was to make it easier for Moses as they would share his burden. Jethro told him that if he did this, as God commands, he will not wear himself out and all the people will still go home with their disputes settled.

I was like Moses trying to do all the work by myself. And I’m sure many leaders and entrepreneurs do same too. As your business is expanding, as your work load is increasing, as your followers are increasing, you need people to share the burden with you. Try to delegate responsibility to diligent people. Get a team of reliable men and women to work with you. Get an assistant to work closely with you. Let your assistant and your team handle the simpler work while you take care of the complicated and difficult ones. You might even get an assistant who knows how to handle the difficult work as well.

Apart from these leaders that Moses appointed to help share the burden and ease his work, Moses had Aaron as his assistant/helper and also had Joshua as his helper.

No matter how hardworking or strong or spiritually mature you are, when you are a leader, a manager, CEO, entrepreneur or the head of a project, you need a helper and assistant. You can start without an assistant but as the work load increases, you need help. You need an assistant who works closely with you and you need a team.

When Nehemiah went to rebuild the walls of Jerusalem, he got a team while he supervised the work and gave orders. He didn’t do all the work himself.

God may have called you and assigned a task for you to complete, but that doesn’t mean you should do all the work alone.

It may cost you some money to pay your assistant and team members but it will help ease your burden and help you achieve a greater result with much ease and within a shorter period of time.

  1. Listen to advice and counsel: Moses listened to Jethro and heeded to the advice Jethro gave to him. This helped relieve him of the great work. You don’t know it all. Listen to advice but be careful who you listen to. Use wisdom while deciding which advice to take.
  2. Get professional help or experts. When the Tent of the Lord’s presence was to be built, Moses didn’t do the work alone. He only got the instructions from God and the most skilled men made the Tent of the Lord’s presence.

In Exodus 28, God told Moses to make priestly garments for his brother Aaron, and God told Moses to call all the skilled workers to whom He has given ability to make Aaron’s clothes. God gave Moses the instructions which he was to pass down to the skilled workers.

God may have called you to accomplish a task or fulfil a purpose. But that doesn’t mean you should do it all by yourself. The work God has called you to do may need expert advice and the hands of professional or skilled workers.

Seek professional help; employ the services of experts and skilled workers. It may cost you some money but it will help ease your burden and produce the best results.

  1. Pray and seek the Lord’s counsel:

In Exodus 31, God chose the skilled workers that were to make the Tent of the Lord’s presence. God chose and selected them, and filled them with His power, with understanding, skill and ability for every kind of artistic work. God chose the skilful workers and gave them all they needed to get the work done.

When you allow God to choose your team members, your assistant and other professional experts, the work will be done smoothly.

That is to say, before choosing your assistant, helpers, team members or any one you will be working with, you must pray and ask God for guidance and advice.

Psalm 32:8 says,

“The Lord says, ‘I will guide you along the best pathway for your life. I will advise you and watch over you.” (NLT)

And so, God guides, He advices, He teaches, He leads, He directs. Don’t go a step without inquiring or hearing from Him.

  1. Rest: Try and have enough rest. You may not sleep but just relax your brain.

I’m a deep thinker and I over think a lot. (I’m not sure if it’s a good thing or not). I over analyze almost every situation. I always have a lot of tabs opened in my head and most times I can’t shut down the activities going on in my mind. No wonder I don’t fall asleep easily because my work never ends. If you see me sitting quietly, I’m probably over analyzing something.

But you see, this over thinking and over analysing things caused me to suffer a temporary mental breakdown.

I’ve learnt that we must not always have everything figured out, we must not have the answers to everything. Do your part, leave the rest to God and rest.

And so, I don’t know when or how this project will be completed but I’m going to do my part, leave the rest to God and go to “sleep.” I’ll try not to figure out how everything will work out because God says in Jeremiah 29:11, “I know what I’m doing. I have it all planned out – plans to take care of you, not abandon you, plans to give you the future you hope for.” (MSG).

Dear friends, try to rest and sleep. Even if you’re not sleeping, try not to over think issues in your life. Relax your brain.

It’s my prayer that God helps us (me and you) to put these lessons into practice.


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