One third of the year 2017 has passed and I want to use this blog post to appreciate God for what He did for me in the first four months of this year.

  1. I thank God for adding another year to my life; I turned 22 on 1st February.
  2. I thank God for giving me the grace to launch my blog on 1st February and for all the blog posts I’ve posted these past months.
  3. I thank God for providing an accommodation for me and providing the finances to pay the rent and furnish it. This was a major milestone for me as it is my first time of getting my own apartment and living alone (I’ve always lived with my parents or in the hostel or with relatives and friends).
  4. I thank God for giving me a wonderful landlord and landlady. I can’t begin to describe how nice they have been to me. I’ve heard bad stories about Nigerian landlords in general and specifically about Yoruba men. But mine hasn’t been anything like the bad stories I’ve heard. And his children have been very nice too.
  5. I thank God for providing for me throughout this year.
  6. I thank God for healing me. This year, I’ve been seriously ill a number of times but God healed me.
  7. I thank God for blessing me with a wonderful community of friends and colleagues at work.
  8. I thank God for helping me to start and complete writing my first book this year. On 12th February, I started writing my first book this year. Last year, I started writing about 5 books but I completed only one of all of them. One of my goals for this year was to complete writing all the books I started writing last year. But on 12th February, this year, something happened in my life that pushed me to start writing a new book. Initially, I wanted it to be a series of fictional stories for my blog but as I continued writing, it began to grow and I decided to turn it into a book. I set 14th March as a deadline for the completion of the book but I couldn’t meet up with the deadline. I completed the book on 29th March and then sent it out for editing. It’s still being edited and by God’s grace, it will be published soon.


What has God done for you in the past 4 months in this year? Have you appreciated Him for it?




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