Few days ago, I saw a post on Facebook that read, “Can God trust you with troubles?” I don’t know what the writer meant by God trusting us with troubles. But I’ve spent time pondering on that question.

Can God trust me? A question I ask myself. A question I want you to ask yourself.

God trusted Job. He trusted Job so much that He was showing him off to Satan. The devil’s motives are to kill, steal and destroy.1 Yet, God still asked Satan, “Have you noticed my servant Job?”2 And then the Lord added, “There is no one on earth like him. He is a good, faithful man. He respects God and refuses to do evil.”3

Why would God be telling the devil who has such evil intentions about a man He loves so much? Shouldn’t God have been protecting and hiding Job? Instead, God was showing him off to Satan. Satan went on to engage God in a conversation, telling God that Job would not worship God if he got nothing out of it, and that Job would curse God to His face if God destroyed everything He had.

God allowed Satan to destroy everything that Job had and Job still worshipped God, he was still faithful to God. Satan asked for permission to afflict Job more by attacking his flesh and bones and God agreed. God handed Job into the hands of Satan and said, “Make Job suffer as much as you want, but don’t kill him.”4

Why did God hand Job over to Satan? Because God trusted Job so much and He was sure that no amount of trouble and suffering will make Job give up his faith and trust in God and compromise his integrity.

Job lost everything, literally he had nothing left except his life. He lost all his wealth, all his children died in one day and he was afflicted with terrible sores from head to toe that itched and oozed so badly that he took a piece of broken pottery to scrape himself. His wife couldn’t stand the smell of his breath, his friends laughed at him, his brothers wouldn’t go near him, his relatives and friends left him and his servants refused to answer him when he called them, even when he begged them to help him. In spite of all these Job said, “I will continue to trust God even if he kills me.”5

That was Job, what about you? Can God show you off before Satan? Can God trust you by allowing Satan to make you suffer as much as he wants? Will you continue to trust God even if you lose everything and at the point of death? Will you continue to trust and worship God if you got nothing out of it and if all that you have is destroyed? Will you continue to maintain your integrity in the midst of afflictions, difficulties, troubles, hardship and suffering?

This calls for deep and sober reflection.

Another thing I want you to do is this, when you are faced with troubles, see it as a test. Think of it as the devil trying to prove God wrong about you. I believe that if you know God is counting on you and the devil is trying to prove God wrong, then you may be encouraged not to give in to temptations; you may be encouraged to hold on to your integrity and faith in God.

You can trust God because He will never fail you or let you down. He will never let you be tempted beyond what you can bear; He will never let you be pushed past your limit; He will never allow you to be tested beyond your ability to resist and stand firm. When you are tempted or put to the test, He will always be there to help you come through it and He will give you the strength to endure it without yielding.6

You can trust God, but can God trust you?


P.S. Please note that God does not tempt anyone.7


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2 thoughts on “CAN GOD TRUST YOU?

  1. i think this theme is apt for this season. In commenting on a similar post by another Christian blogger, I used this very illustration to support the point I was making. My point on that occasion is based on the response that Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego made to the king of Babylon when he spoke to them prior to having them cast into the furnace. (Daniel 3: 17,18)

    After recognising that their God is totally capable of rescuing them from the fire, these men uttered what I see as one of the strongest statements of faith and trust in scripture: …But if not, let it be known to you, O king, that your gods are not the ones we are serving, and the image of gold that you have set up we will not worship.
    I maintained, and do still maintain, that pure worship is not relative. True lovers of God do not love Him because of what we stand to gain or have gained, as Satan alleged. True lovers of God worship Him because they understand that so doing is the sole obligation of man.

    God expects us to know this and this is why he had the confidence to brag about Job and then go ahead to give Satan free rein over all that Job had.


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