July, 2016 was a turning point in my life; it was a month that birth a new phase in my life. Flash back to December, 2015, my relationship ended leaving me heartbroken and depressed. These negative feelings went on into early 2016 when I became suicidal. I’ve shared my story in my first blog post on my blog, “It’s My Birthday.” You can read it via this link: https://uduakobongsblog.wordpress.com/2017/02/01/its-my-birthday/

I’m an extreme introvert. I’m so reserved that I rarely share my problems with people. I would rather suffer alone than share my problems. So I was slowly dying in silence. Until one day, I could feel death literally choking me up that I had to open up to my pastor and began counselling. This was late February, 2016. I continued my counselling and in July, 2016, my pastor told me to write a book. I started writing but without much zeal.

As I continued with my book writing assignment, a deep passion was born within my heart – a passion to be a writer. [I started writing when I was nine years but didn’t have a strong passion to be a writer.] This new passion went beyond writing as a matter of duty to my pastor; it was a passion to write and share with the world, to impact lives with godly values, encourage people and inspire them.

In July, 2016, I picked up my jotter and began writing articles. This time around, nobody told me to do it; it wasn’t an assignment. I wasn’t just writing those articles but I was doing it with the hope of sharing them with the world. And that’s when my desire to start a blog arose. Although I didn’t launch my blog until February, 2017, I started writing and planning for it in 2016. I also had a passion to share my write-ups on social media. By God’s grace, I’ve been doing so consistently for seven months. On 1st February, 2017, I officially launched my blog. Even with my blog, I still share my write-ups on Facebook almost every day.

On 12th February, 2017, I started writing a new book about overcoming shame. I was struggling to get over guilt and shame from my past sins. I got inspired to write that book, first to help myself overcome my own shame and guilt and then to help others too who may be struggling with the same issues. Initially, I wanted it to be a blog post series but as I kept on writing, I realized that the contents were getting larger, so I decided to make it a book instead. I’m still working to get the book published and I trust God that soon you will get to read it.

I’m looking back at where I was, what I’ve been through and how far I’ve gone in my journey as a writer, and I can say with great confidence that “God does not waste the pains of those who love Him.” Truly, “God causes everything to work together for the good of those who love God and are called according to his purpose for them.” Romans 8:28 (NLT)

Prior to July, 2016, I wasn’t passionate about being a writer. But God used my pastor and the pains from my past relationship to ignite my writing passion and gift.

If you took time to look at me in early 2016, you would have noticed I was a walking corpse. I was half dead. But here I am today, alive and healthy, all because God didn’t waste my pains. He turned my pains into passions, gifts, a career and a ministry.

When I started writing last year, I needed help. When I started writing my book on 12th February, I needed help with getting over my past. One of the reasons I write is because I need help. I write to overcome my hardships and difficulties; I write to derive joy, peace and satisfaction.

When I started writing my articles in July, 2016, I wanted to help people. When I started my blog, I wanted to impact lives. I share my articles online because I want to enrich lives. I’m working on publishing my books because I want to enrich lives. I write not just for me but for you too. I write because I want to share the help I’ve received from God with you; I want to share His love and comfort with you. I want to share the wisdom and insight that God has given to me.

I write first for God – for His glory and to do His will, then for myself and for you. These are the reasons I write, and this is the story of how I began my writing career and ministry. This is my testimony. I do not have a perfect, pain free life at the moment, but I encourage myself with God’s word and with the goodness of God in my life in the past. If He could turn my pains into gifts, then I believe that He will cause every pain in my life to work together for my good.

You must not go through pain to discover God’s purpose for you. You must not go through pain to discover the gifts God has given you. But when you go through pain (because we all will at some points in our lives), God will not waste your pains, but will cause them to work together for your good if you love Him.

Are you weary, heartbroken or depressed? Are you surrounded and battered by troubles, difficulties and hardships? Are you experiencing pain, sorrow and grief? Take it to the Lord in prayer, and trust Him to both heal you and work through your pains to bring out the beauty and God-given gifts in you.


P.S. Sometimes God uses others to heal us of our pains. Don’t suffer in silence; don’t suffer alone. Ask God to guide you to whom to share your problems with.

P.P.S. If you’re ashamed of anything in your life, watch out for my upcoming book. Subscribe to my blog to receive email notifications and updates about the book.



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