We are getting closer to the release of my first book. Throughout the month of August, I will be sharing excerpts from my book on my blog. Here’s good news. I’ll be giving away a copy of the book free to the first subscriber on my blog who can guess the title of the book.

The title of the book will be hidden somewhere within the excerpts on my blog. You have to subscribe to my blog and read the blog posts. I won’t announce which blog post will contain the book title so you have to read every blog post for the next one month to find out for yourself.

When you discover the book title, kindly comment on the comment section on the blog post. The first subscriber to comment the book title on my blog gets a copy of the book free when it is published and a phone accessory from Case It Nigeria (@caseit_ng)

I’m giving the winner the opportunity to choose one phone accessory from these three: a gym case, swim case or mini tripod all from Case It.

Case It only offers nationwide delivery in Nigeria and I have international readers and subscribers. In other to give my international subscribers an equal opportunity, I will be offering a cash prize equivalent to the cost of the phone accessory. So if an international subscriber wins, he/she will get a copy of the book free when it is published and a cash prize which is a conversion of the phone accessory.

In summary, here are the rules:

  1. Subscribe to my blog
  2. The book title will be hidden in one of my blog posts in the month of August. You have to read every blog post in the month of August looking out for the book title. Hint: It is a five word title.
  3. When you discover what you think is the book title, comment in the comment section of the blog. Please note that you must comment on the blog not on social media. No private messages allowed.
  4. You are allowed to guess and comment on every blog post if you feel you have found the answer. You can comment as many times as possible. The more comments the more your chances of getting it right.
  5. The first subscriber to get the book title right is the winner. But I will not announce the correct answer until 1st September. So keep on guessing. Even if you get the answer right, you will have to wait till 1st September to confirm if you were right or wrong.
  6. Please use only one username when commenting. You must not use your real name. If you choose to use “Udy” as your name, stick to that name in all your comments during this contest. If you choose to use “Anita Joseph” please stick to it when commenting throughout the contest. Choose a name and sick to it.

Remember to subscribe to my blog, read every blog post in the month of August and keep on guessing the book title till 11:59 pm on 31st August.

The winner will be announced on 1st September on my blog and will be contacted via email to claim their prize. My book is not yet officially released so the winner will get part of the prize which is a phone accessory from Case It (and a cash prize for international subscribers) and will get the book for free when it is out.

P.S. Case it Nigeria is an Uyo based online shop that sells luxury but affordable tablet and phone cases and other phone accessories within Nigeria only. You can contact them via:

  • Call/Whatsapp: +2348119058936
  • Instagram: @caseit­_ng
  • BBM: 2BBF9AE5
  • They offer nationwide delivery.



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