The book is a fiction and nonfiction book on overcoming shame. The book is divided into three parts. The first part offers a series of four fictional stories portraying God’s love. The second part offers inspiring Biblical insights and principles about God’s love which is revealed to us through Jesus Christ in His forgiveness, salvation, grace, mercy, provision, protection, discipline and freedom.

The third part covers the author’s personal experiences of God’s love in her life. The author, UduakObong Inyang, recounts her personal life experiences of how she walked in shame; from struggling with the shame of her past sins, being ashamed of her past failed relationship and being ashamed of being single.

She recounts her experiences of how she encountered God at the age of 14, her challenges as a young Christian lady, and her experiences of being ashamed at various stages in her life and how she overcame and broke free from the bondage of sin, fear, pain, guilt and shame.

After having experienced God’s love in her life, she is passionate about sharing God’s love with you through this book. UduakObong through this book aims to:

  1. Guide you to a life that is free indeed; free from sin, fear, pain, guilt and shame.
  2. Share the message and love of Jesus Christ with you.
  3. Help restore and nurture spiritual and emotional healing, rest, relief, comfort and encouragement through Jesus Christ to those who are hurt, heartbroken and oppressed; to those who have been treated badly; to those who are struggling with sin and to those who are struggling with the guilt and shame of their past sins, mistakes and lifestyle.
  4. Help you see what God sees in you and help you see yourself through the eyes of God and not through the eyes of your sins, past, weaknesses and other circumstances around you.
  5. Inspire and encourage you to live in the knowledge that you have been fully adopted by God as His child.




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