It was a hot Sunday afternoon and Nonso was about to take a nap when her best friend Emily called. Emily was crying over the phone and Nonso could barely hear what she was saying. Nonso told her to end the call and she’ll go over to Emily’s place instead. They were both Christians, single and in their final year in school. They had been best friends for as long as one could remember but stayed in different hostels.

Nonso quickly dressed up and rushed to Emily’s room. She met Emily lying face down on her bed sobbing profusely. Her pillows were soaked with her tears as if she had put them under a running tap. She tried to comfort Emily and get her to tell what was wrong. Amidst the tears Emily managed to utter,

“I will never get married. I don’t want to ever get married. My life is ruined. I’ve messed up.”

“Why would you say such?” Nonso asked.

Then Emily began to narrate the whole story to her.

“Few years ago, God had revealed some of His plans for my life to me. He told me how He would use me to reach out to unbelievers and bring men closer to Him. He promised to use me for great exploits and that I will get married to a man after His heart, and our marriage will be a ministry for God’s glory. But I’ve lost it all. I’ve given away my virginity, that priceless gift I had reserved for my husband all these years to the wrong guy. The worst part is that I’m pregnant and I have to live with a constant reminder of my sin. I’ll have to bear this shame for the rest of my life. I’ve missed out on God’s promises for my life. I’ve lost the anointing to do great exploits. I’ve lost everything.”

“No. You haven’t.” Nonso reassured her. “There’ll still be men that will want to marry you and accept your child. You can still be used by God. You haven’t lost everything. You’ve fallen but you can get up again.”

“No, even if any man wants to marry me, I will refuse. I don’t want to ever get married. I can’t bear the shame. I wouldn’t be able to face my husband with my child, a constant reminder of my sin. He may not say anything, but I’m sure that he’ll be judging me in his heart. He’ll never love me fully. He won’t value me as much as if I was still a virgin. The shame will be more bearable if I’m single, rather than getting married and being secretly judged or half loved by my husband.”

Nonso wiped Emily’s tears with her hands and spoke softly, “Let me tell you a story Em.


End Note: This is a fiction story and an excerpt from chapter one of my upcoming book.



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